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Non Woven Fabric

Non Woven Fabric
Overview | Non Woven Fabrics Manufacturer India

Non Woven Fabric Agriculture :

Agriculture Non Woven Fabric has specialized UV stabilizers/absorbers agents in Use to maintain the optimum temperature. This fabric basically create a micro climate providing uniform ventilation. It is mostly used in agriculture field.

Features of Non Woven Fabric Agriculture :

  • Creates suitable microclimate for growth & development
  • Enables earlier seeding hence larger yields
  • Protecting the plants against insects and birds
  • Protects from hailstorms, frost, and heavy gusts of wind
  • More cushioning effect to the soil surface
  • Better Gas exchange capacity thus less suffocation to root
  • Reduction in the need for chemical treatment of plants
  • Used for off-season production
  • Better air/water and gas permeability.
  • Can provide local greenhouse effect.
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Crop Cover Fruit Pouches Non Woven Fabric :

  1. Crop Cover Fabrics help lo extend the growing
    season resulting in higher yield crops.
  2. They are particularly essential in climatic conditions
    that do not favor successful continuous crop. Development
  3. They create a microclimate by keeping soil temperatures
    higher than environment temperature, thus helping
    plants to grow faster


  • Protect plants from frost, snow, hail, strong wind and insects.
  • Allow earlier plantation - Increase crop cycles per season, crop yields and profits.
  • Reduce moisture loss through the soil.
  • R1ducc the risk of cross pollination
  • Allow water, air and nutrients penetrate
  • Reduce the need for insecticides and chemical treatment
  • Light-weighted so as not to prevent plant growth