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Flutix polyfab is PP SPUN BOND NON WOVEN FABRIC is largely used for making Diapers, Wet wipes, and Sanitary napkin due to its consistent quality and run-ability on high speed machine. SIDWIN has offline hydrophilic coting plant which gives better quality assurance. Flutix polyfab has invested lot in research & development to meet customer need.

Commercial applications:-

  • Diapers (Baby and Adult)
  • Face wipes
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Other Feminine hygiene products


  • High strength wet and dry
  • Light weight and soft
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  • Excellent strike through re-wet properties
  • Free from chemical agents
  • Dermatologically neutral


  • Good coverage
  • Excellent moister transfer
  • Soft on sensitive skin
  • Ensures comfort to wearer, dry and safe
  • Excellent run-ability on modern high speed machine